Cars rental terms


Under penalty of forfeiture of insurance, the renter undertakes not to let the car drive
by persons other than himself or the person approved by the lessor and for whom he stands surety,
to use the vehicle only for personal needs, not to take part in any competition,
not to use the vehicle for unlawful purposes, not to transport persons for payment,
not to overload the rented vehicle by transporting a number of passengers greater than that indicated on the vehicle registration document.


The car is delivered in perfect working order and cleanliness and will be returned in the same state of cleanliness,
Failing this, the tenant will have to pay the amount of these cleanings and repairs .
All 5 tires are in good condition, no cuts. In case of damage to one of them,
for a cause other than normal wear and tear, the hirer undertakes to replace it immediately
by a tyre of the same size and make and of substantially equal wear and tear,
even in the case of the subscription of the abolition of the franchise.


The vehicle is delivered with a full tank (premium petrol or diesel) and must be returned the same way..
The oil level is checked at the start, but the customer must have the oil level rechecked each time he or she fills the tank.


Normal mechanical wear and tear is the responsibility of the Renter. All repairs resulting either from abnormal wear and tear, or from the use of the equipment,
or negligence on the part of the tenant, will be at his expense and executed by us.
In the event that the vehicle is immobilised, repairs can only be carried out after written agreement
and according to the instructions of the Renter; they must be the subject of a detailed receipted invoice ;
Defective parts replaced must be presented with the paid invoice.
Under no circumstances will the tenant be able to claim damages or interest for delay
in the delivery of the car, cancellation of the rental or immobilisation in the case of repairs carried out
during the rental period. The responsibility of the Renter can never be engaged,
even in the case of an accident of persons or things caused by the defect or defect in construction
or previous repairs. The renter will not be held responsible for taxi fares, replacement vehicle or other expenses.


The car is only insured for the rental period indicated on the back.
After this period, unless the extension is accepted, the lessor declines all responsibility for accidents
that the tenant may have caused and that he will have to make his own personal matter.
Finally, there is no insurance for any driver without a valid driver’s licence
or drunk driving. The lessor declines all responsibility for accidents to third parties
or damage to the car, cancellation of the rental if the hirer has deliberately provided the lessor with
false information concerning his identity, address or the validity of his driving licence.
SPECIAL UTILITIES REMOVED: The removal of the allowance does not cover the closures on the upper parts of the windshield..
Deterioration of doors and liftgates not used properly, doors left open while in operation, or
to support materials extending beyond the length of the vehicle.


Rental prices include liability, theft and fire insurance with deductible (and rate) in case of accident
with an identified third party. The customer can be relieved of his responsibility by accepting to pay the supplement to remove the excess.
This insurance never covers damage to tyres, suspension steering components, etc.
– repairs due to misuse of the car
– robbery and fire due to misuse of the car
– Theft and fire due to the customer’s negligence (e.g. abandoning the vehicle with start switches)
– external and internal accessories, clothing or objects transported.
VERY IMPORTANT : No insurance will be applied if the customer has not noted all the details concerning the opposing vehicle, his insurance and his driver completed a declaration as soon as possible to RL LOCATION.


By express agreement, the amount of the security deposit set out on the front of the general terms and conditions of rental
is attributed to the lessor in full ownership, up to the sums due by the lessee to the lessor in the event of non-payment of the rents.
If their amount is higher, the payment of the balance by the lessee to the lessor must be made immediately upon termination of the rental.
If this payment date is not respected, the lessor reserves the right to ask the tenant to pay the penalties
calculated at a rate equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate in force on the day payment is due.
The deposit is incompressible and will be refunded for any non-defaulting problem of the vehicle, after verification at the departure of the garage of the renter.
Dans tous les cas, e locataire conservera à sa charge une franchise par sinistre engageant sa responsabilité.
This deductible remains proportional to the tenant’s rate of liability. This deductible will be multiplied by two
for young drivers. The deposit varies according to the category of the vehicle.


When the contract is drawn up, the client sets the dates and times of return, and
must notify RL LOCATION of any changes. The extra hour can vary between €6.00 and €8.00
_ccording to the classification of the vehicle. Any extension not authorized by RL LOCATION will result in the forfeiture of the right to use the vehicle
insurance and the possible filing of a complaint of vehicle hijacking with the Police Services.


The renter is strictly forbidden to abandon the vehicle. In case of material impossibility.
This one will be repatriated at the expense and by the care of the tenant, the hiring remaining due until the return of the vehicle.


Photocopies of the vehicle’s documents are placed on board, in a pocket which also contains an accident contract.


The tenant remains solely responsible for any fines, contraventions and tickets issued against him/her.
You are responsible for the vehicle in your custody. Thus, in the event of theft of the vehicle or damage caused
If you are at fault, you must compensate the lessor up to the amount of the loss actually suffered
(amount of the repairs, market value of the vehicle, immobilisation costs, file fees…).
At the end of the rental period, in the event of damage or theft, an amount equivalent to the deductible will be charged
non-redeemable will be invoiced to you (see price list). If the amount of the loss suffered
__by the lessor is higher than this amount, an invoice for the difference will be sent to you.


All disputes that may arise between the lessor and the lessee shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the lessor’s place of residence.
The hirer reserves the right to cancel a reservation made on the booking webiste
up to 48 hours after the reservation in case of non-availability of car.

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